All Weather Garden Furniture Pembrokeshire

The coast around PembrokeshireWhile we all wish that the above picture was a true reflection of the Pembrokeshire weather all year round, I think you’ll find it can get a lot more stormy than that most of the time!

In fact, if you want your garden furniture to survive the harsh seaside weather such as this, you will need something that’s durable, and built to last when left outside in harsh conditions.

Bad weather around Pembrokeshire

All Weather Garden Furniture

That’s when we have to look towards some all weather furniture, designed to be left outside all year round, to ensure it’s built of solid stuff that can survive what the Pembrokeshire elements will throw at it!

Choosing all weather furniture is smarter

The qualities of all weather furniture that make it ideal are:

  1. Durable – built of materials that withstand harsh weather, such as sea spray, snow, wind, rain, etc.
  2. Require no maintenance – you don’t have to oil them, such as with wood, which saves you time.
  3. No cover needed – you won’t be struggling to fit a cover in a gathering storm, simply leave it be.

More specifically with rattan furniture, the synthetic weave should have been UV stabilized, which ensures it doesn’t rot, fade or go brittle.

Where to buy all weather furniture in the UK?

There are a limited number of suppliers who provide quality garden furniture in the UK that’s weatherproof, however a simple Google search provided the following list of companies who look to be relevant and trustworthy:

  1. Garden Centre Shopping UK (
  2. Winawood Furniture (
  3. All Weather Garden Furniture (
  4. Garden Furniture UK (

Further Reading Around Materials of Furniture

We did some further research around weatherproof furniture, and found the following articles really useful on the subject. If you get a chance to read them, you might find them beneficial when choosing a furniture set for your own garden.

Let us know in the comments what you think about this, and see you next time.

Last edited by Steven, on the 10/07/2019

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